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What kind of wedding do you want to have?

Brides and grooms choose JahPan for many reasons. Here are just a few we hear over and over again. If this sounds like you, then you’ve come to the right place! It’s your day and we want you to be thrilled!

Festive Party Atmosphere

Jah Pan

“We love the sound of steel drums! We want our wedding to be fun, happy and exciting, but relaxed at the same time…more like throwing a super memorable party for all our friends and family.” … J.P., New Jersey

“Our wedding is taking place in a very formal venue and we thought it would be very cool and different to have a band that would lighten the place up.” … M.L., New York City

“We are getting married by the water and thought that a Caribbean steel drum band would be perfect.” … H.L., Long Island

“We are getting married in the middle of the winter and want everyone to feel like they are on a tropical island.” … E.H., Connecticut

Unique and Memorable

“I’ve been to many weddings where the bands all sounded the same. I don’t want that at all. I want my guests to have an experience they ordinarily do not get exposed to (especially of JahPan’s high caliber).” …M.U., Rhode Island


“We want to hear authentic Caribbean music from a real Caribbean band that has the right look, energy and vibes and plays calypso and reggae music right!! We want a band that doesn’t try to be everything to everyone – we want the real deal, nothing watered down.” …R.S., Pennsylvania


“My family and I take frequent vacations to the Caribbean and are always amazed at the wide-ranging repertoire of the steel pan bands. While we love traditional island songs, it is so cool to hear them play pop songs, funk, soca, R & B, ballads, jazz standards, sambas, mambos and world beat music!”… R.G., Maryland

Dance Dance Dance

“We want a band that knows how to work a party and get everyone on the dance floor just “freeing up” and having fun the whole time.” …J.P., Massachusetts



“JahPan helped us put the entertainment together in a way that really let our wedding build momentum. We had a trio of steel drum musicians for our cocktail hour and then added other band members for the reception – we went with nine pieces, so they gave us a drummer, bass guitarist, keyboard player, vocals, congas and rhythm guitar. They kept the music nice and low key during dinner, but then kicked into high gear just at the right time.” …D.L., Pennsylvania

“We didn’t have an incredibly large budget but we definitely wanted dancing. Susan asked us questions about the number of guests we were having, the space and other stuff. She put 5 band members together – no vocals – and we were dancing all night! It was perfect!” …K.H., Connecticut


“JahPan’s lead singer jumped right into the crowd and had everyone going wild. They let many of us try their steel drums – that was a blast! And they got some of our more adventurous guests to come play a variety of percussion instruments right along with the band.” …M.S., New York City

Quality and Professionalism


“We listened to JahPan’s music samples and we loved what we heard! No other steel drum band we listened to even came close to their level. But experiencing these Caribbean musicians “live” was an even more wonderful experience.” …L.P., Southampton

“Both my fiancé and I were concerned that the Caribbean band we hired would dress appropriately, be on time, take breaks that weren’t too long, play at the right volume and tempo and overall, just do the right thing. They did everything perfect and even played CD music during their breaks. This is a band that clearly enjoyed playing music, entertaining us and making all of us smile.” …T.B., Westchester

Musical Talent, Virtuosity & Showmanship


“We wanted a band whose musicians are top class. JahPan’s band members are full time musicians, many of whom are recording session musicians, producers, composers and steel drum orchestra music directors. Their steel drum musicians each have from 7 to over 25 years experience in Trinidad and Tobago’s champion steel orchestras. We liked that!” L.M., Delaware

Making It Right For You

JahPan wants your wedding to be unforgettable. We offer a complete musical entertainment package for all aspects of your wedding, as well as individual segments, such as the ceremony, cocktail hour or reception.

You can hire anywhere from a soloist to ten or more pieces. We are very conscious of your budget and we will put together the right band members to create the atmosphere you want to create. If we can’t make it work on your budget, we’ll tell you. It’s your wedding and that’s the most important thing.

For ceremonies and cocktail hours, a trio is the ideal choice, providing visual impact and musical richness. A duo is the next best choice. A soloist is the choice for those on a very limited budget. Regardless of what you choose, our music will help set a happy, joyous mood for the rest of the event.

Building on the great vibes created during the cocktail hour, additional band members join in to bring the reception entertainment to a higher energy level. Anywhere from 5 to 10 musicians are appropriate for dancing. How many musicians you choose will depend on your budget and the desired musical effect. We can help you decide.

Add-On Options

JahPan will keep everyone happily entertained throughout your wedding. However, if you want to add more features, we offer:

DJ’s (with or without steel drum /percussion accompaniment)
Stilt Walkers
Hair Braiders
Limbo Dance Performance
Fire Eaters
Tribal Body Art and Face Painting
Traditional Calypso singer and guitarist to serenade your guests

Booking Information

For information, band availability and pricing please contact us.