School Assembly Program

School Assembly Musical Education

Caribbean Arts Cultural Presentation through Musical Performance and Student Participation


A 45-minute, live steel drum band musical performance with intermittent story-telling about how steel drums were invented and made. Includes student participation, hands-on steel drum demonstrations and question and answer period.

Appropriate for elementary and intermediate school students. Ideal for school assemblies, spring festivals, fund raisers and back-to-school nights.


A dynamic, fun and meaningful way of introducing students to important aspects of Caribbean culture — steel drums, calypso and reggae music.


The steel drum musical instrument is the pride of the Caribbean. The only acoustic musical instrument invented in the 20th century, it’s popularity has grown such that there are now more than 300 school steel band programs in the United States alone. Our exciting and engaging presentation will introduce students to the spirit and joy of steel drums.

Area Offered

New York City metro region (60 mile radius).

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