Music Samples / Repertoire

Hear Music Samples / Repertoire

JahPan’s repertoire is varied, reflecting what has always been the standard practice of Trinidad’s great steel orchestras. This means you’ll hear plenty of calypso and reggae, as well as soca, latin, standards, pop, jazz and R&B tunes — performed with the syncopated rhythms and unique style you should expect to hear from a professional steel band.

We play classical music and specialty “ethnic” tunes depending on the occasion. Our extensive repertoire of Christmas carols and seasonal music will heat up any holiday party or promotional event. Contact us for special store promotion packages and rates.

Are you into house, trance or techno music? Our skilled steel drum improvisors are often called upon to enhance DJ music at health clubs, private parties and nightclubs.

Our choice of songs is based on many years of professional playing experience before audiences around the world. We play to entertain!

Steel Drums · Calypso · Reggae · Soca · Pop · Jazz · R&B

Come Back Liza (calypso, with vocals)

Come Back Liza (calypso, instrumental)

Mary Ann (calypso)

Brazil (samba)

The Harder They Come (reggae)

El Cumbanchero (latin)

Brown Girl in the Ring/Brown Skin Girl (calypso)

Hot Hot Hot (soca, with vocals)

Holiday Song Samples

Jingle Bell Rock

Winter Wonderland

Hark the Herald Angels Sing

Jump in the Line “Shake Senora” (calypso)

Cuando Cuando (popular latin)

Three Little Birds/One Love (reggae)

Jean and Dinah (calypso, with vocals)

Jean and Dinah/Drunk and Disorderly (calypso, instrumental)

Now That We’ve Found Love (pop with vocals)

Conga Line (calypso with vocals)

Bailamos (popular)

Redemption Song (reggae)

Matilda (calypso, with vocals)

Linstead Market/Mama Look a Boo Boo (calypso)

El Manisero “Peanut Vendor” (Cuban)

St. Thomas (calypso)

Jamaica Farewell (calypso, with vocals)

Jamaica Farewell/Banana Boat Song “Day-O” (calypso, instrumental)